It is well known that dangling, broken, or otherwise inappropriate links are the bane of Web sites. With such a close connection between the Conference Web site and the Proceedings for SC2000 these Proceedings inherit this dangling link problem. For the Proceedings this problem is exacerbated by the fact that once the CD-ROM is produced there can be no changes/corrections to the Proceedings. To help track any such changes, there are no direct off-conference links in this Proceedings. The only off-CD links are to the site where redirection can be done to appropriate off-site locations. If you find that a link in this Proceedings that takes you to an inappropriate or broken Web site or email address, please contact the This includes “mailto:”s. We can likely make a change to the redirection table and correct the problem.

The links that you see in the Proceedings should take you to the appropriate locations noted simply by clicking on them. However, if you have a problem contacting the site, you can still extract the raw URL from the link and try to contact the original site directly. If you see a URL in your location window that looks like: 

with some sort of error, you can select the first part of the URL up to the “?”, delete it, and try the original URL directly. While we hope such a procedure is never necessary, we include these instructions to insure that this CDROM has as much value as possible into the future – even if the Web site is no longer supported.

With this approach we hope to be able to keep this year’s Proceedings relevant for a longer time. Some of the links to off-site locations that are currently not even fully developed (e.g. some of the Research Gems) may change significantly. With the ability to redirect their links we should be able to track such changes.

The SC steering committee is committed to keeping the Web site supported into the indefinite future. As long as that site is supported we will be able to redirect Proceedings links to the most relevant new content. Of course the conference Web site itself will continue to be updated for some time after the snapshot for this Proceedings was taken. You may wish to visit the Conference Web site (or with no frame/script requirements) to view these changes/updates.