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The Supercomputing (SC) conference series is an annual event (XY as years change) that is organized by a voluntary consortium of persons acting together to advance the science and application of high-performance computing and communications technology.

The first Supercomputing conference was held in Orlando, FL in 1988, and has been held annually since, usually in November, at the following locations:

1989 Reno NV
1990 New York City, NY
1991 Albuquerque, NM
1992 Minneapolis, MN
1993 Portland, OR
1994 Washington, DC
1995 San Diego, CA
1996 Pittsburgh, PA
1997 San Jose, CA
1998 Orlando, FL
1999 Portland, OR

In 1997, the conference name of “Supercomputing” was abbreviated to simply, “SC”, and reflects the expanded nature of the conference since 1995 to include high-performance networking and data management as well as supercomputing. The entire conference series is now commonly referred to generically as “SCXY”.

To access information about all SCXY conferences, please visit www.supercomp.org

For an interesting and more detailed chronology of the SC conference series, please visit the History of the Conference web site.