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SC2000 will broadcast live over the Internet select presentations from the Technical Program, the Exhibition, Venture Village and eSCape 2000 using the unique capabilities of SCinet 2000 to deliver high-quality audio and video broadcasts.

SC2000 will again be webcasting the keynote address and the plenary sessions. This year, the keynote and plenary sessions will be archived and viewable for the duration of the SC2000 conference. SC2000 will also be adding select industry and research demonstrations from the exhibition hall to the webcast program. In addition, the webcast team will again support a robotic camera to allow viewers to pan the exhibit hall and zoom in on exhibit floor booths.

The SC2000 webcast events will be broadcast in several formats to accommodate users who may not have access to a high-performance network to their desktop. These formats will include an audio-only broadcast for lower bandwidth connections, an audio with video broadcast for medium-bandwidth connections, and a high-bandwidth audio with video multicast.

Webcast events are indicated by this symbol in the conference program and on conference signage. User support will be available by telephone and email for the duration of all live broadcasts. Feedback regarding the quality and scope of Webcasts is strongly encouraged.

Webcast Help Desk

In an effort to help solve any problems our remote viewers may encounter we are providing a webcast help desk. User support will be available by telephone and email shortly before, during, and shortly after all webcast events. Please visit the webcast pages for contact information.

All webcast viewers are encouraged to provide feedback on the quality and scope of the broadcasts. Tell us what you found useful, what you would like to see in the future, and how effective you found the webcasts.

Webcast Infrastructure

The SC2000 webcast infrastructure will include several key components. A PC-class machine located in the presentation area will be used to convert audio and video feeds of the keynote and plenary talks to a digital format. A wireless PC-class laptop will capture events in the Exhibition, Venture Village, and eSCape 2000 areas. Finally, a server-class system located in the SC2000 webcast booth near the SCinet 2000 network operations center will make this content available to remote viewers. SCinet 2000 is providing all supporting network infrastructure. Webcasting components include a high-bandwidth connection out of the convention center and a 100BaseT dedicated connection between the PC encoder in the presentation area and the webcast server.