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The Proceedings for this year’s SC2000 Conference are nearly a direct copy of the conference Web site – with this page (the page you are reading) as the entry point. The final snapshot copy for the Proceedings CD-ROM was taken on October 11, 2000. It is our belief/hope that by putting our effort into developing an effective Web site we can best serve our readers. You will find information here about all the activities at SC2000 – current as of 10/11/2000.

From here you may link directly to the following portions of the copied content:

  1. The Proceedings main entry page (or with no frame/script requirements)
  2. Technical Papers – by session (or with no frame/script requirements)
  3. Technical Papers – by author (or with no frame/script requirements)

You may also wish to visit the Conference Web site (or with no frame/script requirements) – which the SC steering committee plans to maintain indefinitely. If you would like to search the Proceedings, you can Search the Conference Web Site to the same effect.

To view the technical papers you will need to be able to view Portable Document Format (PDF) files. At the time these papers were generated the version 4 “Acrobat Reader” from Adobe was the most common/effective reader for PDF files. Much of the Conference material requires Javascript to be viewed as intended. Currently the main conference Web site (not the Proceedings) requires Java support to be viewed properly.

If there are any errors in the technical papers significant enough to be noted as errata, you will find notes on such errors on this Errata page.

There are several new features in the Proceedings for SC2000:

  • We have put the technical papers on the conference Web site before the conference (October 1, 2000). Our thinking is that this will permit conference participants to read technical papers of interest before the conference – allowing them to be better informed in choosing the sessions they wish to participate in and allowing them to come to the sessions better prepared to discuss the technical content.
  • The content of this year’s Proceedings is much closer to the content of the conference Web site. We feel that by doing so we can focus our efforts on developing the Web site content and can include all the most recent Web site material in this year’s Proceedings.
  • Because of our of the streamlining of the Proceedings production process we were able to include the Final Program in this year’s Proceedings. You will likely still want to refer to the hypertext information (e.g. through the Proceedings main entry page for the most up-to-date information in this Proceedings and to the conference Web site for the absolutely most up-to-date information.
  • One of the banes of Internet hypertext links is the problem of changes leading to broken or otherwise inappropriate links. This problem is particularly difficult with a CDROM proceedings that cannot change itself to track Internet changes after it is burned. In an effort to deal with this problem, all the non-conference links in this SC2000 proceedings point to a redirection server at the main conference Web site. With this approach we can redirect any such links to potentially more appropriate locations (e.g. conference Web site locations with new material) even after the CDROM is burned. This includes links to Web pages and “amilto:”s. Please see the Notes On Links for more details about this mechanism.