Last year Texas was named by one national magazine as one of the world’s growing “high tech” cities. An expanding high technology industrial base is just one amenity that puts Dallas on the radar screen. Dallas is the home of a great number of high performance networking and computing businesses and research centers.

For the food lover, Dallas has more than 6,000 restaurants; fajitas and frozen margaritas were popularized here. While Southwestern and Mexican foods abound (choose your style!), Dallas also has numerous fine dining restaurants, bar-b-que joints, sandwich shops and regular ole eateries.

Dallas has more stores per capita than any other U.S. city and fine shopping to accompany its fine dining. More than 200 golf courses await the high tech duffer and a multitude of public attractions dot the Greater Dallas-Fort Worth area.

And what sports enthusiast can think of Dallas without Cowboys — Football players that is! The greater Dallas area is the home to many major sports teams including the Dallas Stars (hockey), the Rangers (baseball), Mavericks (basketball), Sidekicks and Burn (soccer).

For many Americans, Dallas will always be remembered for the tragedy of November 1963 when President John F. Kennedy was assinated. The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealy Plaza is just one of Dallas’ many museums. Among others are the Dallas Museum of Art, the African American Museum, the Conspiracy Museum and the Age of Steam Railroad Museum. For flora and fauna fanciers, Dallas and Fort Worth have zoos, there is an aquarium in Dallas, Fort Worth has a Museum of Science, and Dallas has the Museum of Natural History and for kids of all ages, try the Imaginsphere Children’s Museum.

SC2000 takes place during the first Tuesday of November 2000, which is national Election Day in the US. Don’t forget to vote by early or absentee ballot.

Some good starting points for Dallas information are listed below:

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