Research Gems provide an opportunity for researchers at SC2000 to present insights into the solutions of specific research problems in high performance networking and computing. This category of participation replaces the traditional Poster Exhibits, and will be prominently placed in the Exhibition Hall.

This year, the Research Gems will have special Open Houses Wednesday, Nov. 8 and Thursday Nov. 9, from 10-11am. Don’t miss this chance to discuss the posters with the authors.

Special Awards

A $250 award will be granted for the submission selected by the review committee as “Best Research Gem of the Conference”. This will be announced at the SC2000 Awards Session.

  • Adding OpenMP to an Existing MPI Code: Will it be Beneficial?
  • Advantages of Multi-block Curvilinear Grid and Dual-Level Parallelism in Ocean Circulation Modeling
  • Application-level Implementation of Asynchronous Methods in a CORBA-based Distributed Object Database
  • Applications of Parallel Process HiMAP for Large-scale Multidisciplinary Problems
  • APPMAP: A New Way to Predict Application Performance in Minutes
  • Automatic TCP Socket Buffer Tuning
  • Core AS (Autonomous System) Internet Topology
  • Dynamic Load Balancing Techniques for Improving Adaptive Mesh Refinement
  • Efficient Process Migration Mechanisms for a Heterogeneous Distributed Computing Environment
  • Enabling Technologies for High-Performance Computing Portals: The PUNCH Approach
  • Extending Quality of Service on the Grid: Gara and PBS
  • Extending the Portable Batch System with Preemptive Job Scheduling
  • General Portable SHMEM Library for High Performance Computing
  • GridSearcher
  • HDF5: High Performance Science Data Solution for the New Millennium
  • Model-Based Integration of Heterogeneous Neuroscience Data Sources
  • Numerical Reproducibility on Distributed Platforms: An Accurate Arithmetics Approach
  • Parallel Programming in Java with OpenMP-like Directives
  • Policy Specification and Restricted Delegation in Globus Proxies
  • Rapid Design Realization of 3D Woven Composites by HPC
  • A Storage Broker for the Globus Environment – A ClassAd Based Implementation
  • STWAVE: A Case Study in Dual Level Parallelism
  • Two Levels of Parallelism for Models of Tracer Particle Transport
  • Utilizing Idle Workstations in a Scheduled Parallel Computing System
  • VG Cluster: Large Scale Visual Computing System for Volumetric Simulations
  • Visual MD: An Innovative Approach to Molecular Simulation
  • Visualization of Events from the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider
  • Visualization of Extra Dimensions from String Theory
  • Workload Characterization and Similarity Analysis of SPECcpu95 Benchmarks