A variety of achievements will be recognized and honored at SC2000.The second annual IEEE Computer Society Seymour Cray Computer Engineering Award will be presented in recognition of innovative contributions to high performance computing systems that best exemplify Seymour Cray's creative spirit. This award includes a $10,000 honorarium and is funded from an endowment provided by SGI TM . SC2000 will also host the IEEE Computer Society Sidney Fernbach Memorial Award given for an outstanding contribution in the application of high performance computers using innovative approaches.

In addition to these society awards, the SC2000 Conference will select several award winners. The Gordon Bell Awards were established to reward practical uses of parallel processing and are given for the best performance improvement in an application. These awards are often made in several categories relating to hardware and software advancement. Awards will also be given for the best technical paper of the conference ($1,000), the best student technical paper (with a student as principal author, $500), the HPC Games winners, and the best Research Gem ($250).

Finally, a newly created award for Best Network Application will be presented highlighting the most innovative, bandwidth-intensive application demonstration at SC2000. For more information on this award, see



The following awards were presented at SC2000.

  • IEEE Computer Society Awards

    Seymour Cray Computer Engineering Award - Dr. Glen J. Culler
    Sidney Fernbach Memorial Award - Dr. Steven W. Attaway

  • SC2000 Best Technical Paper Award

    "Is Data Distribution Necessary in OpenMP?" - Dimitrios S. Nikolopoulos, Theodore S. Papatheodorou, Constantine D. Polychronopoulos, Jesus Labarta, Eduard Ayguade

  • SC2000 Best Technical Student Paper Award

    "A Comparison of Three Programming Models for Adaptive Applications on the Origin2000" - Hongzhang Shan (Student), Jaswinder P. Singh, Leonid Oliker, Rupak Biswas

  • SC2000 Best Research Gem Award

    "Automatic TCP Window Tuning Implemented in an FTP Application" - Jian Liu, Jim Ferguson

  • Gordon Bell Prizes

    Winner, Peak Performance Category
    "1.34 Tflops Molecular Dynamic simulation for NaCl with a Special Purpose Computer: MDM" - Tetsu Narumi, Ryutaro Susukita, Takahiro Koishi, Kenji Yasuoka, Hideaki Furusawa, Atsushi Kawai, Toshikazu Ebisuzaki

    -------tied with above-------

    Winner, Peak Performance Category
    "A 1.349 Tflops Simulation of Black Holes in a Galactic Center on GRAPE-6" - Junichiro Makino, Toshiyuki Fukushige, Masaki Koga

    Winner, Price/Performance Category
    "92 cents/MFlops/s, Ultra-Large_Scale Neural-Network Training on a PIII Cluster" - Douglas Aberdeen, Jonathan Baxter, Robert Edwards

    Honorable Mention, Price/Performance Category
    "High-Cost CFD on a Low-Cost Cluster" - Thomas Hauser, Timothy I. Mattox, Raymond P. LeBeau, Henry G. Dietz, P. George Huang

    Winner, Special Category
    "High-Performance Reactive Fluid Flow Simulations Using Adaptive Mesh Refinement on Thousands of Processors" - Alan Calder B. C. Curtis, Jonathan Dursi, Bruce Fryxell, G. Henry, P. MacNeice, Kevin Olson, Paul Ricker, Robert Rosner, Frank Timmes, Henry Tufo, James Truran, Michael Zingale

  • SC2000 HPC Games Awards

    Grand Prize: Air Force Research Laboratory,
    "The Red Team" - James Hanna, Peter Hsieh, Zen Pryk, Walter Koziarz, Wilmar Sifre, Robert Hillman

    Most Innovative Hardware Prize: University of Kentucky
    "The Aggregate" - Hank Dietz, Timothy Mattox, Jim Lumpp, Thomas Hauser, Bill Dieter, Todd Willey, H. Peiris

    Most Innovative Software Prize: Air Force Research Laboratory
    "The Red Team" - James Hanna Peter Hsieh, Zen Pryk, Walter Koziarz, Wilmar Sifre, Robert Hillman,

    Most Leading Edge Technology Prize:
    Black Lab Linux - Kai Staats, Jeff Moe, Jim Waggett, Roy Jenevein

    Honorable Mention:
    MITRE - David Koester, John Ramsdell

  • SC2000 Network Challenge Awards

    Fastest and Fattest Award
    "Visapult - Using High-Speed WANs and Network Data Caches to Enable Remote and Distributed Visualization" - W. Bethel J. Shalf, S. Lau, D. Gunter, J. Lee, B. Tierney, V. Beckner, J. Brandt, D. Evensky, H. Chen, G. Pavel, J. Olsen, B.H. Bodtker

    Hottest Infrastructure Award
    "A Data Management Infrastructure for Climate Modeling Research" - A. Chervenak C. Kesselman, I. Foster, S. Tuecke, W. Allcock, V. Nefedova, D. Quesnel, B. Drach, D. Williams, A. Sim, A. Shoshani

    Most Captivating and Best Tuned Award
    "QoS Enabled Audio Teleportation" C. Chafe, S. Shalunov, B. Teitelbaum, M. Gr\366ger, R. Roberts, S. Wilson, D. Chisolm, R. Leistikow, G. Scavone